a live weekly broadcast dedicated to your transformation

Join Karen Mills-Alston and Sean Patrick Parker in a brand new global community as we activate our life’s highest possibility.  In the Global Community for Transformation, we will remind each other through spiritual practices and unconditional love that we are here on purpose and that everything is always conspiring for our highest good. We gather live in the Global Community for Transformation as we activate our most expanded potentiality so that we each get to enjoy a life that is purposeful, filled with love, prosperity, creativity, joy, peace and so much more.  We are all needed and necessary together. 

our philosophy 

We are here to transform our lives, individually and collectively as we remember our purpose—to develop our gifts and talents and share them generously with ourselves and the world.  We are open and available for our transformation as we know that all things are possible.  Everything is working together for good as we consistently practice and participate fully in life. We are a beneficial presence.

what may happen live...

transformational question 

group meditation



group discussion and sharing

my transformation begins now as I...


  • Develop a consistent spiritual practice of gratitude, meditation, listening, affirming, forgiving, serving, intention setting, being in community, and saying YES.


  • Have a readiness to release old patterns, habits, and false beliefs that get in the way of my evolution.


  • Cultivate a willingness to become more of a loving Presence.


  • Actively and powerfully participate fully in life. 


  • Remember that Life is always working for me!

  • Identify gifts and talents that support my life’s purpose.


  • Listen and obey the eternal broadcast that is always wanting to express itself fully as me. 


  • Remember that I can always begin again.


meet karen & sean

Karen is an award-winning author, international speaker, Agape Licensed Practioner, Agape Board of Trustees Member and serves as the Interim Dean of Agape University. Karen's debut title, 10 Principles for A Life Worth Living was recently awarded Best Book at the Platinum Awards in London, 2019. Karen has worked with countless clients, guiding them to discover and activate their highest purpose.


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Sean is a #1 Best-Selling Author and founder of That Guy's House Publishing. Sean's modern take on spiritual principles have made him a trailblazer and he has been featured on BBC & Sunday Times. He is also a regular contributor to the Huffington Post. Sean's company, That Guy's House, has published world-class spiritual leaders including Michael Beckwith. 


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